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Rationale for Palin Candidacy Dies This Evening

The rationale for Sarah Palin’s candidacy, which was to help John McCain double-down on the maverick theme died this evening.  Before this evening, that claim was cynical. Now, it is non-existent.

Palin announced this evening that she will refuse to cooperate with the trooper-gate investigation. She will not speak with investigators, which contradicts her promise of two weeks ago that she would fully cooperate.  According to Commissioner Walt Monaghan, interviewed by Rachel Maddow this evening, Alaskans had high hopes for Governor Palin when she was first elected governor because she promised clean, open and transparent government.  As of this evening, according to Monghan, that hope in Alaska has died.

So what happened exactly? It seems that both republicans and democrats would not be bullied by Palin’s thugs and voted today (I think) to issue subpoenas, including one for Todd, the first dude, Palin this evening charges partisan witch-huntery as the basis for her withdrawing all cooperation. 

Apparently, email and eye witness evidence exists that supports the idea that she broke laws. Is she hiding something here? You bet.  Does her apparent obstruction of a legal and legitimate investigation inspire confidence that she is a “good government maverick”?  You tell me


Sarah Palin, email and Alaskan Sunshine

Sarah Palin is refusing to release more than 1,000 emails that might expose illegal shenanigans in Alaska and is claiming executive privilege and  “deliberative process” privilege.  Alaska has such a privilege in the books but the emails Palin is trying to hide are not covered by the state’s executive privilege laws. (See David Corn\’s MJ blog

To be covered, the emails would have to be 1) policy oriented and not political oriented, and 2) they would have had to be concealed from members of the general public. If already released to the general public there is no basis for a confidentiality claim. Keep in mind one citizen = any other citizen under this provision of the law.

as for point 1. The email headings point to political rather than policy concerns. They deal with individuals in the republican party, the former alaskan governor, and individuals connected with trooper-gate. Unless these headings are intentionally misleading (and there is no reason for this), they are not policy oriented and thus there is no basis for executive privilege.

2) Executive privilege may cover confidential policy matters. let’s see if they are confidential. To be confidential they cannot be shared with citizens who hold no government office. Todd Palin, who holds no official office, was cc’d on these emails. If the first dude can see the emails so can joe and suzy public. they are not confidential. Executive privilege does not protect non-confidential emails.

so what’s up here:

1) Palin is abusing the powers of her office to cover-up embarassing or downright illegal activity.

The alternative is that palin is using the “trooper-gate” scandal to make a philosophical point about executive power. Although this would show some deep thinking on her part, it is even scarier that covering up scandal because were she elected veep and became president, this approach to executive power would echo John Yoo’s and david addington’s unitary executive power theory, which is an anathama to the constitution.

the Lesson:   Lipstick on a pig!

McCain-Palin’s Cynical Patriotism

Sarah Palin was an instinctual choice for John McCain. A consensus has emerged that she was not a rational choice. She was not vetted.  Regardless of what the McCain camp says, people who know Sarah Palin in Alaska say they were not contacted for info. by anyone in the McCain camp before the candidate named her as his veep pick. 

She has a scant record of achievement, and few facts support the narrative that has emerged over the past week that she is a maverick good government reformer, cut from the same mold as the old McCain maverick legend, which also does not and never did exist in fact.

McCain sold his soul to be Bush’ successor almost 8 years ago;  without a moment of public reflection he cloaked himself in the Bush record, Bush/Rove style politics and but for a couple minor diferences, he proposes more of the same. No kidding.

So when this man who easily sold his soul, sees a “soul mate” in Sarah Palin, what exactly is he saying. Well, the quickest analogy is to Bush’ comments of Vlad Putin when he too said he looked into Putin’s eyes and saw his soul.  Bush quickly aligned himself with this imperial soul.  

What Bush and now McCain saw in the eyes of their political colleagues was an unquenched thirst for raw power; a soullessness that enables them to lie with abandon, to create narratives of their own achievements and vision and market them to a public that has a hard time piercing the inner sanctum of these secretive leaders.

With Palin, McCain’s instincts are right. In Sarah Palin, McCain found someone who shares his habituated vision of country over law.  McCain’s vision comes from generations of McCain soldiers who mixed alcohol-induced recklessness and patriotism rather than law and constitution.

Law and rules have always gotten in the way of McCain’s love of country; same for Palin, only switch the word state for country.  Problem for both is that patriotism and love of country/state is an abstraction that leads careless and impetuous patriots to replace their own judgment for the country’s.  This process of projecting your own desires onto your country’s is dangerous when such patriots become leaders, because this is the way of tyranny, of the sovereign who replaces the rule of law (read “constitution”) with his/her own failed judgments, whims and decisions.

Love of country becomes a vehicle for personal ambition; It becomes a rationale for expediency, for instinctual and impetuous decisions that replace, research, careful vetting if you will and rational thought, discussion and deliberation. All you need to do after your own expedient decisions is to gloss the result within the narrative of mother country and patriotism. Hence anything i do is what the country would have done.  The deceit here is obvious.

Palin has showed such patterns as mayor of wasilla and as governor.  The most current example of this has both McCain and Palin working to sabotage the trooper-gate investigation in Alaska.  Many participants in this scandal who had agreed to cooperated with the investigation have sudenley reversed course; and the governor herself is now trying an “executive-privilege” like stunt of noncooperation. She and her partner McCain are not even in office, and yet they are already unveilling their utter contempt for the constitution and rule of law, replacing it with their own ambition. 

 What McCain saw in Palin was not her soul so much as a shared narcissism, where  is love of country is really love of self