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Obama’s Final 3 for VP: Pros and Cons

So they say Obama’s short list includes Biden, Kaine and Bayh.

Of the three, I would select Biden because of his foreign policy experience; his willingness to throw the elbow; his slashing wit and respect he enjoys from his colleagues on the Hill.

But, he is a guy who needs a short leash, for two reasons. he shoots from the hip, and in his 35 years on the Hill, has never been second banana to anyone; he is not used to it an he may chafe at the tight campaign Obama is sucessfully running.  and as a new resident of Delaware, would be cool to see some excitement in this “1st State.”

Tim Kaine is a fresh face; appeals to catholic white working class and hispanic voters. But, he is not too well known outside Virginia; is interested in being CCU’s next college president; has no foreign policy experience, and perhaps most important, as Optimo has written, Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor is a right wing republican, and as governor could cancel out important democratic gains in the state, and would enjoy the perks of the office for the next gov race in ’09

Evan Bayh is sharp, as recently stepped up some effective anti-McCain rhetoric, but is flat on the stump; is quite conservative on many issues and was a hawk on Iraq.  He also recently gained facebook notoriety with “100,000 Strong Against Bayh.”  This netroots grouping makes the following case against Bayh:

Obama’s judgment about the war was the central tenet of one of the two best arguments for his earning the Democratic nomination. His offering a break from Old Washington was the other.  Choosing Evan Bayh, a career legacy politician who fell hook, line, and sinker for the administration’s case for a disastrous war and dragged much of our party with him, would undermine both.  The Obama campaign will be deciding its VP in the next day or two – they may have already, but if they haven’t, they are listening for feedback from people like us. This is a moment where we could really make a difference.Let’s grow this group to 100,000 in a day and send a clear message to the Obama campaign that Evan Bayh is not the right choice for Vice President

Of the three, Biden is the clear choice, with my fingers crossed that someone stamps the word “appropriateness” on his forehead.

And on the ya never know front, I’d still like to see Wesley Clark, Bill Richardson or Kathleen Sebelius.  Any of these three would add an additional punch to the ticket, would all be effective on the stump, would go after McCain and would bring in strong constituencies.

Hey it’s coming soon…


Joe Biden for Obama VP

Virginia Governor Kaine is currently receiving a great deal of press attention as a top choice Obama Veep selection.  I think he would make a safe, perhaps shrewd choice for Obama (perhaps help Obama win Virginia), and apparently he and Obama share a personal chemistry as well as Harvard pedigree.

Problem is Kaine is short on foreign policy experience and right leaning on women’s issues (choice, late term abortion), making the ticket vulnerable to attacks from the right and softening enthusiasm from women.  Also, Kaine is not so popular in Appalachia which hampers Obama’s attempt to attract the white working class voters that went to Hillary during the latter primaries.

Kathleen Sebelius would make for a more compelling ticket; Like Kaine, she is not seen as an ideological progressive and like Kaine she could help attract middle of the road voters; unless the Clintons really make an issue of Obama selecting a woman other than Hillary, Sebelius would also help enthuse Hillary supporters. She has a canny way of building bipartisan coalitions, and also shares a personal chemistry with Obama. Shortcomings include lack of foreign policy experience.

Joe Biden, the man who sometimes cannot stop talking showed during his aborted campaign that he can indeed run a disciplined campaign.  No one around, including McCain, has the foreign policy credentials that Biden would bring to the ticket; his age and experience also helps counter the fear of newcomers that still plagues the Obama campaign. Perhaps more important is that Biden relishes a good fight and has a way with words that complements Obama and would slice through the lies and other bs coming from the Republican candidate 527s and RNC. As I have suggested on an earlier post, I think Ed Rendell would serve this same purpose.  Obama’s high minded style would come off even more favorably in comparison to the bare knuckled approach of this veep choice.

The only downside is that Biden was twice a presidential aspirant, and might chafe a bit as number two, but hey, that’s the Lincoln way, and Obama would be smart to follow his model.

i think an Obama-Biden team would reduce McCain to the trash heap of history.

Obama-Kaine in ’08?

With a substantial win in North Carolina–14 points–, and a near win in Indiana, there is no longer reason for Clinton to continue her fight for the nomination.

So, the next question is who would help Obama beat John McCain? the answer is Va. Governor Tim Kaine, born in Minnesota.

Kaine is popular in his state and can help Obama win Virginia and other border states. He is an early Obama supporter, perhaps one the the first politicos outside Ilinois to endorse Obama. The alternative is former guv mark warner, whom i know more about and was impressive in his flirtation with a presidential run way back last year.

what do you think? let me know.