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Clinton Should Thank her new Media Base

Clinton won Ohio big, and Texas a little. After winning the must-wins, Hillary must now thank the “base” that got her there: the media. Obama had the better organization and more money. But Clinton ran a flame throwing campaign, which the media loves, culminating in the Daisy Girl commercial. They really love the daisy girl commercial. She also showed some self deprecating cheek in her SNL appearance, which effectively cajoled the media into pointing their lens in search of the Obama underbelly.

Corporate media loves a foodfight more than it loves even Obama (or McCain). Why? the foodfight translates into ratings, profits, and airtime. The foodfight is likely to send chills up both of chris matthews’ legs. So expect the media to fuel the Clinton’s scorched earth strategy for another 7 (Pa) or 13 (PR) weeks.

And when it comes to fueling the fire nothing works like fear, which appeals to the basest, least rational and least democratic instincts out there.

Regrettably, I can’t think of a non-fear based appeal that leads to a Clinton victory. Problem is I cannot imagine two months of fear mongering leading to a democratic victory in November. It has been 75 years, yesterday, since FDR told America “there is nothing to fear but fear itself. FDR must be turning in his grave.


Obama shows executive skills in Texas

If Obama wins more delegates than Clinton in Texas, then he deserves the nomination. Not so much because she lost yet another state and the delegate count is slipping from grasp, but rather because of the disciplined nature of his campaign organization. Unlike the Clinton campaign, the Obama campaign was so well organized in nearly every precinct as to strategically shepherd folks back to the caucus following the primary. If it is true that the Clinton campaign was still hunting for precinct captains in Texas as late as last week, then Obama wins points for his executive prowess.

According to bravenewfilms.org, Marc Andreeson, founder of netscape, talks about some time he spent with Obama over a year ago. Obama told him to assess his executive abilities by examining his campaign. check out this post. The Texas campaign seems to bear him out.

Clinton Takes Ohio? Obama Texas?

Early exit polls suggest Clinton wins with voters who think the economy, and health care are the most important issues. Obama wins with voters who think the war is the biggest issue, but only 18% voters place Iraq at top of their list. Clinton is winning women; Obama is winning young voters and males.

If exit polls are to be believed (and they haven’t been reliable), then Hillary wins Ohio. May want to keep in mind that Ohio voters also say they want change over experience…. Although polls in Sandusky remain open, the msn talking heads are sounding like Hillary gets the win (Brokaw sort of spilled the beans with his reporting of the exit tallies)

In Ohio, Hillary might win because voters are divided by race, gender and age. Seems her divide and conquer strategy works.

But even if she wins the popular vote in Ohio, Obama may still win more delegates in Ohio.

In Texas, early exit polling shows a much closer race, with Obama possibly eeking it out.
With 126 delegates in Texas, Obama could win more delegates here too even if Clinton wins popular vote

So, with an Obama trouncing of Clinton in Vermont, Does this amount to a comeback?

and the real winner? MSN, CNN and FOX! the blabbering will continue another seven weeks at least.

Hesitating on the Brink of History

On the day of the Texas and Ohio primaries, America stands on the cusp of making Obama the presumptive nominee, and is hesitating.

Why the hesitation? Could be a resurgence of Clinton’s human face and sense of humor, signified by a successful cameo on SNL; or of Hillary’s “politics of fear,” as she assumes the LBJ stature she has longed for all campaign by casting Obama as a bomb loving Barry Goldwater in her version of LBJ’s 1964 Daisy Girl commercial, which shows sleeping babies and a “red phone” alert.

Or perhaps, Clinton has caught the Obama campaign in some good old fashioned hypocrisy over NAFTA that wouldn’t register if transparency weren’t the Obama calling card. Apparently, someone in Obama’s campaign contacted a Canadian official (what a boneheaded move), to assure Canada that Barack’s anti-NAFTA rhetoric was all hat and no cattle.

And perhaps it is something else.

Whatever the reason for hesitation–a moment of high tension atop the polls showing Obama and Clinton deadheats in both Texas and Ohio (give or take)– perhaps a collective exhale would propel the Obama rocket through the remainder of its journey, or blow away the fantasy that perhaps was never real.

Did Hillary Ride the Obama Wave?

The absence of news predicting a victor in next Tuesday’s Ohio and Texas primaries seems refreshing on this Saturday afternoon.
Might Clinton have quietly ridden the Obama tsunami to shore and renewed some traction? Or has Obama put this thing away? Here it is three days before, and I haven’t a clue.
If the races on Tusday are too close to call, which is what some reports are suggesting, a case could be made that Clinton has stopped the Obama surge. And if yes, what next?

Given the close race in Ohio that was predicted right after Wisconsin, my guess was that the midwestern populist message coming from Obama would have had him well ahead by now. Similarly in Texas as he quickly seemed to have caught Clinton, particularly with young latinos and anglo males, following Wisconsin, I thought the polls would by now be claiming a high single digit Obama lead.

If Clinton wins both Ohio and Texas, even by a hair, the race likely will last until Puerto Rico or beyond, and it will turn into the dogfight that Clinton people might covet at this late juncture as would McCain.