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Obama shows executive skills in Texas

If Obama wins more delegates than Clinton in Texas, then he deserves the nomination. Not so much because she lost yet another state and the delegate count is slipping from grasp, but rather because of the disciplined nature of his campaign organization. Unlike the Clinton campaign, the Obama campaign was so well organized in nearly every precinct as to strategically shepherd folks back to the caucus following the primary. If it is true that the Clinton campaign was still hunting for precinct captains in Texas as late as last week, then Obama wins points for his executive prowess.

According to bravenewfilms.org, Marc Andreeson, founder of netscape, talks about some time he spent with Obama over a year ago. Obama told him to assess his executive abilities by examining his campaign. check out this post. The Texas campaign seems to bear him out.


Clinton Takes Ohio? Obama Texas?

Early exit polls suggest Clinton wins with voters who think the economy, and health care are the most important issues. Obama wins with voters who think the war is the biggest issue, but only 18% voters place Iraq at top of their list. Clinton is winning women; Obama is winning young voters and males.

If exit polls are to be believed (and they haven’t been reliable), then Hillary wins Ohio. May want to keep in mind that Ohio voters also say they want change over experience…. Although polls in Sandusky remain open, the msn talking heads are sounding like Hillary gets the win (Brokaw sort of spilled the beans with his reporting of the exit tallies)

In Ohio, Hillary might win because voters are divided by race, gender and age. Seems her divide and conquer strategy works.

But even if she wins the popular vote in Ohio, Obama may still win more delegates in Ohio.

In Texas, early exit polling shows a much closer race, with Obama possibly eeking it out.
With 126 delegates in Texas, Obama could win more delegates here too even if Clinton wins popular vote

So, with an Obama trouncing of Clinton in Vermont, Does this amount to a comeback?

and the real winner? MSN, CNN and FOX! the blabbering will continue another seven weeks at least.