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McCain’s McMansions in Context



Brave New Films Applaud BBC coverage of spiraling McMansion Story


McBush on Russia-Georgia War

Apparently Bush promised Georgia’s Shashkashvili that the U.S would have his back if he took action in South Ossetia. Sashkashvilli is a smart, U.S. educated politician. He should have known better than to believe the Bush Administration promises, but he did. If anyone is to blame for tipping the dominos that led to the current Russian massacre of parts of Georgia, it is George Bush. He misled Americans into initially supporting his war in Iraq, and he misled Georgia’s government and people into thinking the West would support their  government against the runaway south ossetians.  

The question here is, what is in this war for Bush and his neocronies?

The answer is oil, specifically the oil pipeline going to the Georgia port of Supsa. Oil is the same answer for what Bush stood to gain by going into Iraq.

The short term answer is that a line of thinking suggests that Russia-Georgia conflict favors the McCain candidacy. For example, some people confuse McCain’s bellicosity with strong and intelligent leadership.

Assuming, however, that Russia ceases fire shortly, and the conflict herein is resolved diplomatically, the few day war served to pump up right wing neocons, including McCain. Having tasted blood in the caucasus, McCain is likely to advance the clarion call of Bush/Cheney to bomb Iran this fall.

Stay tuned…

Did Supreme Court “Gin” System for McCain?

Justice Scalia is on record saying he doesn’t want folks to dwell much on the Florida recount and 2000 Bush v Gore decision. Quite the originalist,  and disregard for precedent notwithstanding, the decisions is dead as a doornail just like, Scalia suggests, the constitution itself.

Sure, it unconstitutionally imposed George W Bush on the country for the last 7 1/2 years, framing a presidency upon extralegal and unconstitutional moorings. And in this regard, the administration did not disappoint.

And now, scanning the horizon to see how it might affect yet another presidential election, the Court recently focused its attention on the state of Indiana (Crawford v Marion City Election Bd.).  In the wake of this decision, as the NYT reports, Missouri lawmakers are seeking a constitutional amendment that would mandate proof of citizenship to vote.

If a referendum on this matter is held in Missouri in August as currently planned, and it passes, the vote could swing this key swing state to McCain.  If other nativist state legislature get wind of it, the Court’s Indiana Case will then open the door for other states to similarly disenfranchise racial minorities under the auspices of excluding non-citizens.  

At issue is the desire to exclude noncitizens from the polls. Apparently, the fear of an immigrant casting a vote for president is mobilizing nativists and xenophobes to plan a constitutional amendment mandating proof of citizenship to vote. A passport, birth certificate… many folks don’t possess either.  Once again, immigration is being used as the wedge to exclude minorities from the political system.

If McBush wins Missouri this November, chances are it won’t be because of his compelling policy positions. Rather, it is likely to be because 240,000 mostly African American voters will be denied their vote.  


Did Hillary Ride the Obama Wave?

The absence of news predicting a victor in next Tuesday’s Ohio and Texas primaries seems refreshing on this Saturday afternoon.
Might Clinton have quietly ridden the Obama tsunami to shore and renewed some traction? Or has Obama put this thing away? Here it is three days before, and I haven’t a clue.
If the races on Tusday are too close to call, which is what some reports are suggesting, a case could be made that Clinton has stopped the Obama surge. And if yes, what next?

Given the close race in Ohio that was predicted right after Wisconsin, my guess was that the midwestern populist message coming from Obama would have had him well ahead by now. Similarly in Texas as he quickly seemed to have caught Clinton, particularly with young latinos and anglo males, following Wisconsin, I thought the polls would by now be claiming a high single digit Obama lead.

If Clinton wins both Ohio and Texas, even by a hair, the race likely will last until Puerto Rico or beyond, and it will turn into the dogfight that Clinton people might covet at this late juncture as would McCain.