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No Third Term: Preempting an October Surprise in Iran

Not since 1940

The netroots are beginning to alert the general public about a possible October Surprise against Iran to help advance the cause of a Third Bush Term. (for example, see FDL)   This is a concern that is more than merely a few apprehensive progressives feeling paranoid on the eve of a tough fall campaign.  I believe the stage is already set for an October Surprise, likely to be launched if BushCo believes it can get away with it.

BushCo has opportunity, which consists of the fall campaign and a democratic opponent whose patriotism they are trying to impugn (because of his middle name, mostly), and whose relationship with Jewish voters they are trying to exploit.  They have Joe Lieberman, a self appointed spokesperson for “moral jews everywhere,” but whose friendship with John Hagee (and other anti-Semites), belies any real fealty in this fight. Lieberman is McCain’s Ron Cohen, a self hater who belittled and condemned political opponents as soft on communism.  Lieberman’s victims comprise anyone who issues a critical word against Israel’s Palestinean policies.  And BushCo has a desperate scrap dog campaigner in John McCain, who is chomping at the bit to throw his own kidney punches against anyone who hasn’t been been held POW or who doesn’t support wars in Iraq and Iran.

Beyond that, BushCo knows how to invent an enemy and propagandize war. They did it before to horrible effect, and would do it again, if for no other reason than to enjoy a resurgence–however temporary– of the popular support they once enjoyed after manipulating the media and public in March 2003.

So while, Scott McClellan, the NYT, and most recently Jay Rockefeller and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (Phase II Report) have all given voice to evils of the BushCo PR machine, the machine still exists, and it remains manifest to any interested observer that the Administration is not to be trusted to speak truthfully about Iran.

But, since Democrats, including Obama,  remain wary of charging the administration with impeachable offenses– such as lying their way into war with Iraq–  Bushco knows it has some wiggle room to plan and perhaps even launch a second war (or get Israel to do it), ostensibly to carry out its promise not to allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons (even tho this is contradicted by the December 2007 IIE, the last official word on Iran and nukes), before election day.

How to prevent an October Surprise against iran?  PUBLIC DISCOURSE, DIALOGUE, BOGGING, TALKING, LETTERS, PETITIONS…

it is incumbent upon the MSM and Obama to speak out against the train of BushCo abuses.  





Hagee, Farrakhan and the Pro-McCain Media

The media may be fluffing Obama’s pillow, only to smother him with it. On the topic of a couple recent, high profile endorsements, the media’s narrative is quite definitely pro-McCain.

Regarding endorsements by Hagee and Farrakhan, rather than reporting that each candidate might have a “cross to bear” with the support of unsavory religious characters, the corporate media instead has clearly and inaccurately distinguished between the Hagee endorsement of McCain, and the Farakhan endorsement of Obama. Although Hagee is current and dangerous, and Farrakhan is pretty much a relic from the ’80s, the Farrakhan endorsement has drawn much more media fire.

Interestingly, the media makes sense of both endorsements by making use of a pro-McCain narrative.

The pro-McCain narrative frames Obama as anti-American (doesn’t know words to national anthem, doesn’t wear flag lapel pin), and McCain as a patriot. It paints McCain as pro-Israel and Obama as a Muslin and anti-semitic. Funny thing for a media that is supposedly “asking Obama if he needs a pillow.”

Let’s start with Hagee’s endorsement of McCain. Hagee is a Christian evangelical who has been denounced for anti-catholic and anti-gay statements. He is also known for his “life and death” support of the state of Israel, which complicates matters in American politics. His endorsement of McCain was accompanied by no media outcry for McCain to reject or denounce Hagee’s support.

In fact, McCain has said he would neither denounce or reject the endorsement, and the media has left it at that.

Next, Farrakhan, (Nation of Islam), recently endorsed Obama. Farrakhan is known for having led the “million man march” back in the 80’s, and making ugly anti-semitic comments. Farrakhan has not been heard from much in recent years. During the Obama-Clinton debate at Cleveland State last week, however, moderator Tim Russert dusted off relics from some of Farakhan’s old speeches and tried to stick em up Obama’s nose. Obama demurred, but then after some badgering by Russert and Clinton, he rejected the Farrakhan endorsement.

For much of the campaign, the media has implied that Obama’s support for Israel is soft, that his conciliatory rhetoric might belie a pro-palestinian stance. Probably a good chance the media will continue to push this narrative line come this fall.

On the issue of being endorsed by bigoted religious figures, the media has placed Obama on the defensive to prove he is not a Farrakhan shill, or in other words, an anti Israel, anti-semitic candidate for president.

Clearly, McCain has had the softer ride. McCain was not asked whether he is an anti-Catholic, anti-gay shill, or for that matter if he agrees with Hagee’s view that that the Jews would need to perish before the “second coming.”

The battle ahead?

According to the feb 29, Rosen’s blog in Haaretz, the McCain campaign is stocking up on materials that would try to connect Obama’s opposition to the War in Iraq with an anti-Israel position.

And the media is likely to give McCain a pass. The recent post on Drudge showing Obama in ceremonial Somali garb (take during a visit two years ago), and the over-played Cunningham–Barack Hussein Obama– comments at an Ohio McCain rally, allow the media to raise doubts about Obama’s patriotism, support for Israel and by association, anti-semitism.

This nasty, clever swiftboating strategy not only falls at McCain’s feet, but must also be seen as an active media construct. First, it is a nasty cynical attempt to play on the fears of jewish voters. Any the media is complicit. The media continues to believe that John McCain is not capable of such dirty politics (evidence to the contrary is dismissed. Just last week the corporate media turned a nearly blind eye to McCain’s being in bed (figuratively?) with Vicki Iseman and corporate lobbyists.

The media cannot assist two teflon candidates in a 0-sum race. So far, it’s McCain.

Farakhan provides an all too easy cudgel (he has few defenders these days), while Hagee’s professed (but highly suspect) love of Israel gives him a pass to spew all the hate he desires.

Hagee’s love for Israel has nothing to do with support for the Jewish people. Quite the opposite. His support is premised upon the eventual and utimate demise of the Jews (precursor to second coming), which ought to make any pro Israel stance highly toxic and worthy of intense media scrutiny.

Regrettably, intense media scrutiny of the likes of Hagee is not likely until America’s post-911 era of fear has run its course, and the media decides it time to move beyond the baiting. Until then, the pro-McCain narrative will continue to abide superficial odes to patriotism and deeply engrained anti-muslim demonology.