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Going to War with Iran: Anyone Listening?

one reason that McCain, right wing 527 startups. the Bush machine and so forth seem so nonplussed at Obama’s 15 point lead in the latest Newsweek poll is that they have something really big up their sleeve– a missile. Please read link.  With Cheney controlling the flow of info to the president, and with the Air Force and Navy prepared the lead the way, it seems the US with Israel are planning offensive military measures against Iran before Bush leaves office.  As Matt Rothschild from the Progressive suggests, impeachment is the only way to stop this.  such an october surprise would hand election to McCain and lots worse. Read link below by Ray McGovern, and see my posts June 6 and April 11:

US to Bomb Iran B4 Bush Leaves office


Bush Ready for War on Iran

Back when the country was being readied for a post 9/11 terrorist attack, talking heads focused attention on the increasing flurry of emails, internet stories, and so forth as signs of a coming attack. The warning levels increased along with the intensity of buzz.

and so it goes.

As the country enters summer, and Bush is on his final european junket, the flurry of stories has increased regarding the iranian threat and Bush options for countering the iranian threat before he leaves office.  The NYT today has German Chancellor Merkel agreeing with Bush’s call for aditional sanctions against Iran, but she stops short of saying, as he does, that all options remain on the table.

The shame of it all is that based on recent events, the country and world has no way of knowing whether stories coming from the White HOuse are True. Quite the opposite.  We have been taught to believe its propaganda. And this is scary and unacceptable in a democracy.

Consider that the current drum beat contradicts the NIE Report issued December 2008 that says Iran suspended its nuclear enrichment program back in 2003. Consider that since 2003, Secry State Rice has repeatedly spoken about increasing pressure on the iranian regime.  Such pressure would come to include sanctions and since late spring 2005, the Bush regime  would embark on a major covert initiative to discredit and unsettle the Iranian regime.  Now that none of this has much worked, the drumbeat has focused more exclusively on the likelihood of missile strikes against Iranian”nuke”  targets, or all out war.

With seven months to go, it seems that Bush and a still acquiescent Congress has deemed that impeachment against the president is no longer viable, but apparently another war dreamt up by this president remains a real possibility.




No Third Term: Preempting an October Surprise in Iran

Not since 1940

The netroots are beginning to alert the general public about a possible October Surprise against Iran to help advance the cause of a Third Bush Term. (for example, see FDL)   This is a concern that is more than merely a few apprehensive progressives feeling paranoid on the eve of a tough fall campaign.  I believe the stage is already set for an October Surprise, likely to be launched if BushCo believes it can get away with it.

BushCo has opportunity, which consists of the fall campaign and a democratic opponent whose patriotism they are trying to impugn (because of his middle name, mostly), and whose relationship with Jewish voters they are trying to exploit.  They have Joe Lieberman, a self appointed spokesperson for “moral jews everywhere,” but whose friendship with John Hagee (and other anti-Semites), belies any real fealty in this fight. Lieberman is McCain’s Ron Cohen, a self hater who belittled and condemned political opponents as soft on communism.  Lieberman’s victims comprise anyone who issues a critical word against Israel’s Palestinean policies.  And BushCo has a desperate scrap dog campaigner in John McCain, who is chomping at the bit to throw his own kidney punches against anyone who hasn’t been been held POW or who doesn’t support wars in Iraq and Iran.

Beyond that, BushCo knows how to invent an enemy and propagandize war. They did it before to horrible effect, and would do it again, if for no other reason than to enjoy a resurgence–however temporary– of the popular support they once enjoyed after manipulating the media and public in March 2003.

So while, Scott McClellan, the NYT, and most recently Jay Rockefeller and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (Phase II Report) have all given voice to evils of the BushCo PR machine, the machine still exists, and it remains manifest to any interested observer that the Administration is not to be trusted to speak truthfully about Iran.

But, since Democrats, including Obama,  remain wary of charging the administration with impeachable offenses– such as lying their way into war with Iraq–  Bushco knows it has some wiggle room to plan and perhaps even launch a second war (or get Israel to do it), ostensibly to carry out its promise not to allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons (even tho this is contradicted by the December 2007 IIE, the last official word on Iran and nukes), before election day.

How to prevent an October Surprise against iran?  PUBLIC DISCOURSE, DIALOGUE, BOGGING, TALKING, LETTERS, PETITIONS…

it is incumbent upon the MSM and Obama to speak out against the train of BushCo abuses.  




Bush hints at McCain October Surprise War

When McCain went to the White House after locking up the nomination, I wondered what if anything he and W talked about.  Today, while listening to a tape of Bush’s speech, the topic of their conversation became clear to me.  I heard chuckles of an October surprise against Iran that would be designed for McCain’s electoral benefit, of course. A blood brother gift from one neocon to another.   I heard it in the new rationale rationale for remaining in Iraq, namely to hold Iran in check.  (as well as in his suspension of troop reduction and request for an additional $108 billion).  Loud and clear: The enemy is no longer al-quaeda; it’s Tehran.

Since this war long ago turned into a political disaster for Bush, why would McCain follow suit as he has,  insisting that Iraq remain his top-gun issue–against the wishes of 70% of the voting public– if it weren’t for some rose garden deal?  Consider that  Bush 41’s poll ratings went through the roof for several months following the ’91 Iraq war, before he went on to lose the ’92 election.   Fear of papa Bush is why Mario Cuomo and others didn’t run, leaving Bill in a lackluster field.  41’s re-election was a certainty, that is, if only the election were held closer to the time US bombs hit their targets in Baghdad.  A lesson not to be forgotten.   Again, the surprise.   Bombing strikes against Iran in the weeks before the election would likely invoke enuf fear as to ensconce McCain in the presidency.   “W” doesn’t have his dad’s brains, but he does have more crass political brawn.   Would also likely give both W and III a hearty chuckle– which they both enjoy– at the country’s expense.  

and finally, it will be interesting to see whether McCain’s media chums will give Bush a pass on this next war, just for their guy McCain.





Heckuva job, Maliki

 The Bush Administration just handed the al-Maliki Government in Iraq the kiss of death.  Saying he is doing a “heckuva job” (actually said  “pretty good job”), Defense Secry Robert Gates just secured Maliki’s likely demise after his having been humiliated by Muktadr al-Sadr in Basra.  In congratulating Maliki, Gates also said,   

“I think we’ve all known at some point that the situation in Basra was going to have to be dealt with. It is the economic  lifeline of the country.  To have it under control of gangs and militias over the long term is not acceptable…  So I think all of us in the government were pleased to see Prime Minister Maliki take this on, take the initiative and go down there himself with Iraqi forces and try to resolve the issue.”

 This statement is Bush-speak for “heckuva job Brownie,” which translates to “wow, we/you really f*#ked up again.”  It also means, “you’re outta here” (Maliki is toast).  Ya see, al-Sadr neither surrendered nor gave up arms.  Quite the opposite.  He got Basra and boucoup bucks, and in turn Maliki got to say he won a “cease-fire.”

 After 5 years of war,  such claims as “the surge is working” and suggestions that Bush succeeded in having installed a legitimate government in Iraq all rise and fall with media and then public acceptance of the puppet Maliki regime and its simulated governance as real.

 This time, the mainstream media is complicit in constructing the canard that Maliki controls the Iraqi military, and that it, with his say, pushed back the al-Sadr militia.  Likely truth is, the US government is giving al Sadr and his supporters heaps of money to claim a “cease fire” (on record they are paying him for port access) and to sustain it, all the while al-Sadr dances to a wholly different beat.   That’s right, al Sadr along with clerics in Tehran, not Bush or Maliki, seem to be calling the shots these days.  Not quite what we are hearing, is it? and yet, Gates and the rest at Bushco are suggesting things are on track. 

This new dynamic became obvious during the violence of the past week.   Maliki– not al Sadr–waved the white flag in Basra.  Since al-Sadr (not al-quaeda) has very close ties with Iranian revolutionary guard, and since Iran– not Maliki/US– brokered/ forced this latest cease fire (to the extent one exists), one is left wondering about  Bush’s boneheaded legacy.

The neo-cons can’t even grasp the real-politik bromide that the enemy of our enemy is our friend. Rather, as Bushco has it, the friend of my enemy is my friend.  huh?  The US and Iran are providing support for the same side–al Sadr militia in Iraq.  

In conclusion, McSame has no truck with the fact that al-Sadr and Iran– not the US and its puppet regime– are controlling events in Iraq.   al-Sadr’s demands for a cease fire, which Maliki apparently accepted, give him (al Sadr) control in Basra, which is the opposite of what Bushco/ Gates suggested this morning.

Again, quite a boneheaded legacy. (and this for one hundred years?)