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Suppose Obama Wins Pennsylvania

According to Acel Moore writing in the Philadelphia Inquirer yesterday, Barack Obama might not only come close to Hillary, he just might win.  Moore bases his opinion on two things, anecdotes he has gathered in and around philly, and the recognition that Obama need win only 14 of 67 counties to capture the state, and his campaign is working this strategy to the bone.

Moore suggests that Pa. voters are more independent minded than were the voters in Ohio. He cites Greg Naylor, field operations director for Rep. Chaka Fattah, an early Obama supporter in Philly, as saying there is no doubt Obama will win Philly and thus upset the old dem. machine.

So, here’s the question: what will Hillary do is she loses Pennsylvania. Common sense and reasonable thinking suggests she drop out.  The alternative creates a specter of Richard Nixon, who, after the Supreme Court ordered he give over the tapes, still contemplated ignoring the Court, and staging a coup. Come to think of it, we have one of these folks in the White House right now.  This is Hillary’s choice: go out with the little class she has left, or go into the flames of infamy, and become the first documented Nixonian/ Bushian presidential candidate.  Indeed she is finally behaving like a president, just not the sort of president the country needs.


Hillary’s Choice

Hopefully, when the primaries are a thing of the past, the Obama campaign will look at his closest opponent and thank Hillary Clinton for being a worthy sparring partner. Like a good sparring partner, Clinton has helped Obama brush up on some weaknesses while also burnishing his strengths. Clinton tagged Obama for his relationship with Jeremiah Wright, and he responded with one of the most profoundly optimistic and realistic speeches about race that the country has seen in a very long time.  If it weren’t for Clinton’s unruly tactics making Reverand Wright into a hot button issue, the Obama campaign would not have responded with “The Speech,” which the candidate wrote himself. Hey, even JFK had Sorensen.     But at some point, sparring partners need to know when to get out of the ring.  It is time. Clinton is behind by 700,000+ in the popular vote, and even her advisors concede she cannot catch Obama with pledged delegates.  Her only hope was to combine huge wins in Pennsylvania and re-votes in Florida and Michigan.  No more.     Now that the re-votes are no longer being considered, Clinton’s only hope is for Obama to self immolate, which is not a likely scenario.  O yea, and her campaign is also in debt.In the meantime, she has a choice.  She can continue to scorch the earth not only under Obama but under all democrats, or she can turn her energy towards Bush and McCain.  We would all thank her for scorching their earth, not ours.

Five Years of “War at Home” is Enough

Five years after Bush invaded Iraq, it is important to take stock of his “war at home,” which could take generations to repair.A quick snap shot of the Administration’s hubris, incompetence and undemocratic corporatist tendencies reveals all voters need to know to help make sure the “war at home” doesn’t continue another four or eight years.Here is just a quick look at one week (or so) of the war at home.By “war at home” i mean deliberate efforts to weaken the the constitution, civil liberties and the democratic spirit of the american people.The “war at home” starts with hubris. Consider the Administration just this week– and by Administration i include John Mccain who is running for the third Bush term– saying f*#k you to 66% of the American people who oppose the war in Iraq. When reminded of the public’s antipathy to war, the vice president said, “so”? According to him, public opinion can only thwart the administration’s mission.It continues with deliberate deception by Senator McCain (and Dick Cheney also in Iraq) who repeatedly said, over the last 48 hours, that Iran is shipping al-quaeda into Iraq. Even a stage whisper correction by Joe Lieberman in front of the cameras yesterday didn’t stop McCain from repeating the lie today. The only truth this lie reveals has to do with the administration’s intent to go after Iran.Third, is the continuing attack on civil liberties, even more dangerous because it has been done by proxy: Verizon and AT&T assumed illegal powers in the government’s name (and at the government’s behest), spying against every day citizens and residents. Telecom immunity is really a red herring because these companies would not have signed on if they were not already indemnified. Basically, Bush’ telecom immunity ploy is a symbolic f*#k you against the Constitution.Finally, although the telecom immunity scandal shows the administation’s real constituency are corporate cronies not people, this excludes the cronies’ own employees, who are as invisible and worthless to the administration as anybody else. $ is the administrations only real ally. Consider the 1,123 private contractors who fought and died in Iraq (likely undercount), but whose deaths are not counted in the official body count. (Labor department stats recorded as result of family’s insurance claims, accoding to FAIR–fairness and accuracy in reporting) As if they never fought and died for Bush’s privatized war.As for incompetence, please see all of the above, and lots, lots more.& all this in the last week!Just one week of this war is too much. Five Years?!