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Clinton Should Thank her new Media Base

Clinton won Ohio big, and Texas a little. After winning the must-wins, Hillary must now thank the “base” that got her there: the media. Obama had the better organization and more money. But Clinton ran a flame throwing campaign, which the media loves, culminating in the Daisy Girl commercial. They really love the daisy girl commercial. She also showed some self deprecating cheek in her SNL appearance, which effectively cajoled the media into pointing their lens in search of the Obama underbelly.

Corporate media loves a foodfight more than it loves even Obama (or McCain). Why? the foodfight translates into ratings, profits, and airtime. The foodfight is likely to send chills up both of chris matthews’ legs. So expect the media to fuel the Clinton’s scorched earth strategy for another 7 (Pa) or 13 (PR) weeks.

And when it comes to fueling the fire nothing works like fear, which appeals to the basest, least rational and least democratic instincts out there.

Regrettably, I can’t think of a non-fear based appeal that leads to a Clinton victory. Problem is I cannot imagine two months of fear mongering leading to a democratic victory in November. It has been 75 years, yesterday, since FDR told America “there is nothing to fear but fear itself. FDR must be turning in his grave.