Shirley Sherrod and National Guard to the Border: An unsettling pattern

In the last 24 hours, news of the National Guard’s deployment to the border and the Vilsack firing and perhaps rehiring of Shirley Sherrod show the limits of the Obama Administration’s iron cage of rationality.  One of the tags on Obama is his excessive rationality, so much so that it casts a shadow over his ability to be motivated by emotion.  Well, cast that aside as yet another Obama myth.   This uber-rational of administrations has taken action in these two instances on the basis of fear not rationality.  The Sherrod affair and the Administration’s border politics share three characteristics: race-sensitive topics, 2) right wing distortions and threats; 3) appeasing the right and fanning racial fear.

In each instance the Administration has taken sides with the right and Fox news racialists against the side of rational argument, the facts, oh, yeah, and civil rights. Now let’s be frank. The President’s race has a lot to do with the right wing’s exploitation of these issues.  It need also be said that the President’s race does not make his Administration a moral beacon on instances of race.

Quite the opposite. the Obama Administration keeps tripping over itself to not appear biased on race, so much so that it sides with the Right wingnuts over the reasonable and common sense dictates of civil rights and the rule of law.

And who is being victimized by the President’s loss of reason?   Residents along the border, in Arizona, and Shirley Sherrod, along with the rest of us who believe in the rule of law and in the normative argument that civil rights have been a good thing for this country, and that such progress must continue.


One response to “Shirley Sherrod and National Guard to the Border: An unsettling pattern

  1. Great Aunt Hattie: “Civil Rights and Equal Rights are not like a pie to be divided up; they are like the tides that when set in motion overcome, overwhelm and exponentially increase all.”

    I’m sorely disappointed in President Barrack Hussein Obama because he has the opportunity to be a transformational figure in American History and his Cabinet has failed him; his reticence and apparent inability to act define him.

    I voted for Change and the change I see is the Bush/Cheney Wrecking Crew’s Halliburton White House was replaced for $4.6 Trillion by the Goldman Sachs White House and that’s unacceptable to me and millions of Americans.

    Unless Obama cleans house and gets his act together now there will not be a second term.

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