How SB 1070 can Split the Tea Party

There are roughly two tracks to the Tea Party: one is the Ron Paul libertarian track, the other is the Palin track.  Only one track supports SB 1070: the Palinistas. Theirs is the incoherent wing: they hate big government; want to overthrow big government; deny they want to overthrow big government; and finally, they love big government when it comes to the police state expanding executive power over minorities like immigrants.  They hate Mexicans even more than they hate the big government.

Not so the Paulistas: at least their approach is somewhat consistent: they hate big government. Period. They despise the police state and for this reason they oppose SB1070.  They are libertarian shen it comes to both economic and social policy.

I would encourage the Paulistas to join the marches and protests in Arizona. I would also encourage the mainstream media to start pressing the Palinistas on the logical inconsistency of their hate.


One response to “How SB 1070 can Split the Tea Party

  1. But also a large aspect of libertarianism is taking powers from the federal government and returning them to the state governments–which is exactly what SB1070 is doing. The overly large, bulky, and useless federal government has completely dropped the ball on immigration law enforcement and SB1070 is enabling officers to enforce those laws.

    For what a ‘Paulista’ thinks about Illegal Immigration, check out The Man himself in this segment: The most applicable statements begin around 3:00.

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