Shoes Now the Window to the “Illegal’s” Sole

The sign that the Bush Administration had run out of all legitimacy came during that press conference in Baghdad when Bush dodged two pair of shoes thrown at him by a reporter.

The sign that BUsh had not made the country safer after 911 came that day in December 2001 when Richard Reid attempted to blow up a plane with his shoe.

And finally, the sign that anti immigrant politics had finally gone flat out crazy came when the state of Arizona now looks to an individual’s shoes to see where there is reasonable suspicion to arrest them for being unauthorized. I own a  campaign button from the 1956 presidential campaign; it shows a hole in the shoe of Adlai Stevenson. Having a hole in the shoe back in ’56 showed the candidate was a man of the people;  during the ’08 campaign a similar photo of Obama’s footwear at one point showed the same thing.  There is something very democratic about having worn footwear. But now–apparently– it is a sign of illegality, perhaps another sign that Obama is not legitimate; or perhaps another sign that the Tea Party nativist right is so bereft of rational thought that the political discourse has been reduced to making people neurotic about what police will  think about their sneakers. I can’t wait til this idea is branded. Converse came up with “alien” footwear a couple years ago. Something needs to be done with this idea and the death of democracy… just thinking.


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