Could Senate kill Filibuster w/ 51 votes?

During the last couple days I have been talking socially with lawyers, policy analysts and scholars about the possibility of the Senate revising the filibuster 60vote rule with only 51 votes.

Here’s the theory. Please tell me what you think and help flesh this out? Facts appreciated please!

At the start of every new congress, the senate votes on its organization rule which deals with committee assignments and breakdown between dems and repubs., and other procedural business dictating how the new senate will conduct business.

Prior to its organizing rule, however, the senate can vote on other matters– And such votes cannot be filibustered.  What is this called?  The votes are enacted by a 51 vote majority, which means the senate can change the 60 vote filibuster rule with 51 votes.


Question: Is this real?

And, if this is real, should it not be publicized, trumpeted by Olbermann and Maddow.

Of course there is a political discussion to be had here about whether such a change in the filibuster rule really is in the democrats best interest. Of course, it doesn’t work for them politically once they lose their majority. Of course.

But still,

Assuming the desire to overcome the current impasse in the senate, shouldn’t we consider primarying any democrat who doesn’t sign on to this vote.


One response to “Could Senate kill Filibuster w/ 51 votes?

  1. The abuse of the filibuster in the last 14 months is unprecedented. The Senate should operate on majority rule, not on minority rule, which is what the filibuster allows. In the 1950’s the filibuster was used once every 2 years. In 2009, the filibuster was used a record of 139 times.

    It is not the right of the minority to completely stop all legislation. Senate procedure rules allow the killing of the filibuster through what has been called the nuclear option. It is well overdue for filibuster to die, and for the democratic majority in the senate to pass the backlog of bills that have already passed the house.

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