Citizens United increases challenge facing CIR

It seems pretty clear to me that the lone beneficiary of the Citizens United decision yesterday when it comes to CIR is the Chamber of Commerce and big business.

The biggest elephant in the immigration debate room was just injected with steroids. The CoC position is going to be hard for progressives to beat.

It would like to grow guest worker programs and social controls that socially reproduce a docile immigration labor force. On the plus side, it is likely to oppose the harshest draconian enforcement measures, and anything else that tends to mitigate the likelihood of a free flowing immigrant labor force.  The CoC favors a path to citizenship, if for no other reason than to prime the pump and relieve the social tension that surrounds having millions of undocumented workers and immigrant enforcers creating flak and bad press  around post industrial tourism industries around the country.

For people on the left, like me, who oppose an immigrant social control state, and favor immigrant and human rights, this decision makes our work that much more challenging.


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