The Message from Massachusetts: Go Balloon Boy!

Does anybody realize yet that the state of Mass just elected balloon boy to the U.S. Senate to replace the Senate’s most effective legislator of the 20th century?

Yep. Scott Brown is the shiny tricket de jour that distracts folks from having to seriously deal with the worst recession of our lives, 2 wars, and on and on.

Last evening I saw the first 10 minutes of Scott Brown’s acceptance speech, and it sounded part American Idol and part Sarah Palin Tea Party. After telling his supporters how “available” his daughters were (aren’t we fathers supposed to protect their daughters instead of auctioning them off?), he wanted everyone to know how much he wants to show the president his truck and that he wants to play basketball with the commander in chief. Pretty serious guy, I’d say.

And democratic strongholds, which voted Obama by double digits, also voted for this fellow. What’s up?  Well, I think on one level Mass voters are sorry to see Simon Cowell leaving Idol after this season, and they carried this frustration into the voting booth.

I think they also registered a protest vote. they voted for Obama to create change and so far he hasn’t, and they are saying they are very impatient. Now on the one hand change takes time. 8 years of Bush put america into a pretty deep hole.  One year of Obama is simply not long enough to reach the surface let alone change the trajectory of future politics. fair enough. But there is something more serious going on.

Massachusetts voters are pretty serious about their politics. In my opinion, the vote was a protest against the timidity of the Obama Administration, which is quite evident in terms of several different issues, but is most visible w/ health care.

Thus far, the President has shown poor leadership and he has shown an unwillingness to fight for the progressive core that was responsible for his nomination and election. Say what you will about whether they should have stayed home but stay home they did.

Here’s what we progressives see. A president who was more interested in enticing olympia snow, ben nelson or joe lieberman over to the dem. side than he was interested in creating what could have been landmark legislation, getting close to universal coverage.

Obama never fought for the public option, and he appeared to many of us, to have never fought on hcr at all. Obama said he would roll up his sleaves once the house and senate voted out bills. He has yet to do so visibly.

If Dems are going to hold on the the House and Senate and if Obama is going to be a 2 term president, he needs to show some fight (more than just being able to laugh off a good punch).

The president needs to set a progressive vision and offer up a discourse that can compete with the tea-bagging right.  He needs to show democrats he will not abandon them just to bring joe lieberman or olympia snowe aboard.

Again. It is time to show 1) some fight and 2) some fight for progressive issues and progressive versions of social issue.

Voting for scott brown balloon boy was a protest vote. Had nothing to do with scott brown or the Tea-baggers or martha coakley for that matter. but it was a wake up call!!!


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