CIR ASAP (HR 4321) Gets it Right On Judicial Review

I am writing to urge serious consideration of CIR ASAP (HR3221), which Representative Louis Gutierrez (D-IL) introduced in December 2009. This bill should become the basis for comprehensive immigration reform in 2010. Overall, this is perhaps the most progressive immigration bill to be introduced in Congress in decades.

The Bill “gets” the big picture right in terms of immigration and the rule of law.

What I like best about the bill is that it seeks to return immigration processes to the rule of law, something that has been sorely lacking since the 1996 IIRIRA.  IIRIRA stripped the federal jurisdiction of courts to review  many immigration agency decisions.  The result placed in jeopardy the lives of many immigrants who feared returning to their homeland, and left the outcome of  removal/asylum proceedings at the whim of individual immigration officers or local sector patterns and practice.

The Gutierrez bill restores federal jurisdiction to permit courts to hold decision makers in ICE and CBP accountable to the rule of law.



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