MT&T Bank Stadium Opens, Schools Close

Yesterday, I was watching the Eagles play on television and wanting to see the Ravens but couldn’t because we live in Newark, Delaware and Comcast only gives us Phila. channels, while my kids were beginning to go a little stir crazy. We were all outside earlier in the day and found a hill in Newark, which is pretty cool, and if you know Newark, somewhat amazing, and did some sledding. It was Olivia’s and Julian’s first time sledding down a hill solo and so the day stands out for that reason alone. But, by late afternoon, after having been cooped up the previous day and 1/2, the kids were ready for some school come Monday, and so were mommy and daddy.

Both the Eagles and Ravens got to play in part on the backs of local prison populations which helped the snow removal prior to kick-off. Both the  and Ravens won, which is a good day for Delaware. But come this morning we saw that the kids were getting a snow day today. Nothing wrong with that per se. Snow days are fun and they weren’t alone. Almost all the schools for from Baltimore to Philadelphia are closed today.

Which begets a question about priorities: football over school. Cities will spend millions of dollars and orchestrate deals which bring priosners over to help remove snow in preparation of football, but not schools. The roads are clear this morning: the issue had to do with snow removal on school sidewalks and parking lots.

Half a million dollars and 1,750 people to remove the snow for the Ravens.  And my kid is home today.

I would like to see it come to pass that priorities favored opening schools more than opening professional sports stadiums, but that’s just me..


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