Post mortem ’09 (part 3)

a couple additional things to add, which suggests things not as bad for the Dems. as many are reporting.  The congressional special election victories for dems not only give Obama 2 more votes on health care reform. They also point to the effectiveness of the democratic party organization to win its 4th and 5th special election in its last 5 attempts. The win in the conservative NY 23rd is a neat pick-up for so many reasons.

And, aside from the Maine (yes) vote which defeated same sex marriage, most ballot issue results favored the dems. It is worth mentioning that voters did not turn away from “big government;” they did not defeat tax cutting measures (tho tax cuts was a big part of the Christie campaign platform).  This is another strike against the GOP Know Nothings and perhaps, along with the Hoffman defeat, will lessen the urgency of the Obama/socialism meme.

and what it all means for 2010?  Well, that’ll depend on what happens in 2010.


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