election returns 2009. Nothing much to feel good about

it’s 10:30 election eve 2009. The networks just called NJ governor for the Republican Christie, and VA governor for Republican McDonnell. Commentators are already sounding Obama mojo demise.  Some say its turnout, others point to the independents. still to see how post mortums will shake out.

I’m personally disappointed by the NJ outcome. I expected Deeds to lose in Virgina. For weeks I have been saying the first verdict on the Obama presidency will be seen in NJ, not VA. Obama put skin into the NJ race, standing with Corzine on 3-4 occasions.  And as someone who came of age in NJ, I’m personally disappointed.

But I was raised an equal number of years in New York, and things there are somewhat different. Bill Thompson remains only a point behind Bloomberg for NYC mayor. The networks have called it for Bloomberg, but Thompson exceeded expectations.

The real issue, and the most telling in this election cycle falls to upstate NY’s 23rd district. Quite an obscene coup by the Tea Party faction of the GOP who put their bet behind Doug Hoffman, somone who knows nothing about local issues and, if elected would not be a responsive delegate to the 23rd’s interests.   Hoffman, who brags that he is a mentee of Glenn Beck, would be yet another uninformed voice of the Palin-Calhaun faction.

But, I’m looking to see how the dems might take some solace from this disappointing night. And in that regard, the hope sor even a hint of solace came down to  a Hoffman win.why?  A Hoffman win in the 23rd, would push the GOP further to the right. It would stoke right wing primary challenges in 2010, pushing the party further into their black hole of a core and oblivion. at least that’s how i see it.

Paradoxically, an Owens win in the 23rd sends a diferent message, will discourage the right wing to use Rubio to overtake Crist in Fla. and challenge other mainstream conservatives elsewhere.  If the extremist loses tonight, the GOP becomes more credible as a national party.  Neither Christie nor McDonnell are wingnuts.   If Owens wins the 23rd, other than his single victory, the Dems have very little be be happy about this off year election night.


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