Two sets of Rules on Health Reform

The problem with the Dems in the health reform debate is that they are allowing their opponents to play by a different set of rules. While the president seeks bipartianship, the Repubican leadership says it will reject any democratic health reform plan. period.

While the dems engage in “honest” debate over the public option, the republicans ignore facts and insist on sabotage. period.

Okay, at least we know.

Hardly the ingredients for reform.  But The real problem is not the Republicans who seem pretty open about their intentions. It is the Democrats, who seem unwilling to consider their bretheran are anything other than loyal opponents.

Hey folks. wake up.

It is time, for example, for the democratic leadership to ride herd over the blue dogs to make sure they vote for cloture to prevent a republican filibuster.  Then, the blue dogs can vote their conscience on the merits of the bill, or rather their campaign warchests. This way– blue dogs are prevented from being accomplices in the Republican attempt to sabotage reform, and the Obama presidency.

And health reform could then win (or lose) based on 51 votes.


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