Monthly Archives: July 2009

Walter Cronkite, R.I.P.

I just finished reading TPM’s account of howDavid Gregory from NBC news aggressively pursued Gov. Mark Sanford to appear on Meet the Press following revelations of Sanford’s Argentinian affair.  Gregory’s pitch shows the anchor really seems to have colluded with his desired guest, offering him  space to frame his expoloits in his own terms. He said MTP “allows you to frame the conversation as you really want it.”

And then I saw the flash that Cronkite just died.  Nobody framed the news like Walter Cronkite framed it; he was a reporter whose job was to frame news. He just told it the way it is.  Nothing more.  As an anchor he was still a reporter at heart.  He never would have sacrificed this essential power of the fourth estate just to score an interview. Simply Incredible..  

R.I.P Walter

Your  death tonite reminds us how far standards of journalism has fallen. Your life however will continue to inspire.