word from the streets of Tehran

Annie-iran-solidarity_normalanascreen RT @persiankiwi: I cannot see directly from my position but am being told many many people in streets – too many to count. #Iranelection

persiankiwipersiankiwitehran is at standstill. all major routes jammed with people. #Iranelection4 minutes ago from web

persiankiwipersiankiwiwe do not know if foreign press are covering this. we cannot access satellites. #Iranelection


Default_profile_normalMrNewsDK RT @persiankiwi: ADVICE – carry photos of imam khomeini. they cannot shoot at us with these. #Iranelection


Hamed_normalhamednz I ran away from there. ppl were saying ‘Alaho Akbar’ then anti riot forces … #IranElection

Default_profile_normalverkut @WordMarvin Look at NYTimes Editorial today. It says everything. They need Ahmadinejad, not serious Iranian politicians. #IranElection


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