Barack and the Georgia 300

Barack picked up Joe this morning in Wilmington Delaware aboard the Georgia 300, the last car attached to the Amtrack run from Phila. to D.C.  I wanted to drag Steph and the kids up to Wilmington, but we would have stood in the freezing cold for several hours.  

We stayed in Newark and made it a neighborhood deal, five minutes from home. Along with several hundred fellow Newarkians, we stood outside for about 1/2 hour. Olivia’s toes froze, mine hurt and Julian’s fingers were freezing.   Steph didn’t complain. I didn’t want this moment in history to result in frostbite, and it didn’t, of course.

What we captured instead was a fleeting moment in history, about 10 seconds worth.  We were hoping for a slow roll through Biden’s alma mater town, but to no avail.  With Olivia dancing her feet to stay warm, we huddled along with a woman who told me she remembered standing at the same tracks (she thought) during the bobby kennedy funeral procession. she was eleven and still remembered it clearly, she said.

Well, I hope Olivia remembers something about this moment. Little brother Julian won’t, but that doesn’t matter. He had a good day.  Afterwards he got to go to an arcade and play skee-ball and then with his sister had pancakes with lots of syrup.  He’s happy.

For me, it’s a moment that i wanted to connect to the avalanche of events we are going to experience during the next several years. It’s a grounding moment for me. I caught a glimpse of Joe and Barack. Okay. it’s real. Let’s go.


Obama/Biden passing thru Newark DE on way to D.C.

Obama/Biden passing thru Newark DE on way to D.C.


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