Roland Burris and the Hole in Law

So what happens when state law and federal senate rules don’t gibe? 

The State’s of Illinois’  right to be represented by two US senators hangs in the balance. The Illinois Supreme Court just ruled that as far as it is concerned, Roland Burris is already senator, and the Illinois Secretary of State does not need to sign Burris’ appointment to make it offical. The secry of state intentionally did not sign the appointment letter, an act of resistance against Blago, and has no plans to sign the the appointment. the Court says no mandamus here.  but the US Senate says: no signature, no seating.

Here’s the situation:  the senate is in its rights. the secry of state is in his rights. the supreme court was in its rights.  With each of these actors in the right, the people of illinois lose theirs.

what to do?


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