Lieberman Dilemma

So, just how much do the Dems. want to exact revenge on Joe Liberman might determine whether they reach the coveted 60 mark in the senate. Joe Lieberman has proven himself to be an unprincipled, self serving moralist along the lines of Bill Bennett, someone I cannot stand.  Beyond that, left to his own devises he could steer his chairmanship of homeland security and government oversight into the disruptive waters of trying to subvert the new administration before it even gets started.

he ought to go.

But then again, knowing that Lieberman could be removed from his chairmanshipand publicly humiliated by the democratic caucus could well keep him on a very short leash. Given that he votes with the dems. about 90% on domestic issues, and given the very real possibility that the new senate will also include Mark Begitch, Al franken and Martin (GA), Lieberman would make the dems filibuster proof (if indeed he were held by the short hairs). 

How ironic for McCain’s bff.  he might actually guarantee Obama’s success.


One response to “Lieberman Dilemma

  1. I fervently disagree with your last point, Koulflo. Committee chairmanships need to go to people who worked to get/keep their party in the majority. And especially this powerful one, which Lieberman utterly failed to run effectively in the 110th Congress. Homeland Security is one thing, but do we want a Bush BFF overseeing government affairs and killing much-needed investigations moving forward? Remember how he acted during Clinton impeachment? Imagine that attitude in conjunction with control of a committee with the power to conduct investigatory witch hunts against President Obama.

    No. No. No. I don’t care about Democrats needing to act civil or changing the tone or any of that Beltway BS. I don’t care that Lieberman in the Dem caucus may get them to 60, because that number only matters on procedural votes where senators rarely vote strictly along party lines. It’s hard to imagine the legislation that gets Ben Nelson and Mark Pryor to vote with you but not Olympia Snowe and Arlen Specter.

    If Lieberman keeps his chairmanship, it will be a clear sign that Harry Reid cannot effectively govern his caucus and he will need to be replaced.

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