Napolitano for DHS Chief

Gotta tell you that I believe anyone would be a vast improvement over Michael Chertoff as head of DHS. Today, Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano was named to join Obama’s transition team which also puts her in the mix for a potential appointment in the new Administration.  Her name is being floated as a possible Attorney general, but more likely, DHS Chief.

On two recent occasions Napolitano has sided with the anti-federalization of immigration forces, which I believe is the right step in the was on immigrants in this country.

In recent years since 911 but more recently since 2006, state and local governments have endeavored to usurp federal control over immigration control. They have done so in two ways: first by requested MOU’s with DHS to be part of the “287)g) program which allows state and local government to receive federal training to enforce criminal immigration laws. In large part 287g is an unfunded “mandate,” which means states and locales can be part of this federal program if they pay for it.  Much of the money funding Maricpoa county Sheriff Joe Arpaio has come from an Arizona state fund.

Notably Napolitano recently redirected these moneys away from Arpaio because he has used his 287 g authority to enforce civil immigration laws, which violates the MOU; he has also used the funds and his 287g status to go after citizen and resident aliens because of their surname, the language they speak or the color of their skin.  Arpaio is currently being sued by the ACLU for his abuse of power and violating the 4th amendment rights of his residents.  

Napalotano’s actions took guts because Arpaio remains extremely popular and was re-elected on Tuesday.


Napolitano has also taken a stand in opposition to state and local anti-immigrant ordinances.

In large part anti-immigrant ordinances and 287g practices run amok are representative of the incredible abuses of power in the immigration field committed by Chertoff and the DOJ during the past seven years since 911.

Napolitano may just be the right person to reverse  these lawless trends.


One response to “Napolitano for DHS Chief

  1. Napolitano would be great for a whole host of Cabinet positions. But I just don’t see her leaving AZ mid-term, in the midst of a fiscal crisis, to take over that bureaucratic nightmare of DHS. Attorney General, maybe. It’s more likely that she finishes her gubernatorial term, then takes John McCain’s senate seat in 2010.

    I could be wrong though, of course.

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