President Obama and the Crumbling Walls of Intolerance

Drawing on words from Martin Luther King Jr.’s final speech, Barack Obama transformed American politics last night. White Americans with beautific grins and black americans rejoicing in tears, tv screens across the world attested to this fact that racial barriers to the highest job on the planet have been torn down.

What this says about a political realignment to come, only time will tell. But this much is clear, Obama won red states and gained a near electoral vote landslide. he garnered the highest voter turnout in 80 years (64% turnout). A new Obama, non party virtual political machine is now in place throughout the country. 

And nobody knows better than Obama, that he has a lot of work to do.

I would also highlight the fact that Ron Kanjorsi defeated Lou Barletta last night in Pennsylvania’s 11 cd. The symbolism here is nearly as great as the Obama victory. The politics of hate against immigrants was also defeated. Barleta, is America’s anti-immigrant ordinance mayor. He was defeated in the Obama wave. 

So, where is the firewall of intolerance. Well it certainly isn’t where it was yesterday, but it still does exist. Out in california and in several other states, voters passed referendums to ban gay marriage. But after last night, ya gotta think we are going to get to this sooner–in the next election cycle– than later.


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