Morning in America? 3 ideas

Obama’s campaign insignia always reminded me of Reagan’s morning in America theme from his 1984 campaign.  I never thought the ’80s were much of a morning for america. This morning, remain a bit skeptical about how much things have really changed, but my cynicism has subsided, and i am certainly willing to give us the benefit of the doubt that we can indeed launch a new era.

In addition to harkening nostalgic memories of Reagan’s campaign theme, Obama might well benefit from taking another page from the Reagan playbook. Reagan’s presidency played out in accordance with 3 major theme: the first of which was ending the cold war; the second was getting government out of the lives of the people, and the third one i cannot remember this morning.

Anyway, i do not wish the debate the merits of Reagan’s three goals (i do not think he was responsible for ending the cold war, and he presided over the largest growth in the federal government in history up to that point…) What is important here is that his entire presidency rolled out from these three first order principles.

Such simplicity and focus would serve Obama well as his transition commences. Last night he began the daunting task of enumerating his priorities. I heard two and can imagine the third.

1) End the war in iraq 

2) Rebuild the crumbling economic infrastructure

3) Energy Policy

and a fourth:  4)  redefine patriotism to create a civic climate of service and national sacrifice.

I think a first term that succeeds in ending the war and turning around the economy certainly earns Obama a second term when he could well give us national health care and a sustainable energy policy.

Just my two cents the morning after.


One response to “Morning in America? 3 ideas

  1. Based on everything I’ve heard from Beltway Democratic insiders and analysts, energy and national infrastructure will come before anything else. Depending on how Obama decides to frame his first project, it will almost definitely be either a second, larger economic stimulus package that incorporates a lot of alternative energy aspects and green building, or a global warming bill that incorporates a lot of renewable energy and infrastructure/transportation initiatives. Either option will create tons of green jobs through retrofitting buildings and the like.

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