Palin’s Last Night of Relevance

This time tomorrow evening, the name Sarah Palin could be making a hasty retreat into the book of “what went wrong” anecdotes about the McCain campaign, with kitch Palinisms quickly fodder for 2008 versions of trivial pursuit. Hopefully little else.

And so, since this may well be the last time we have to kick Palin around anymore, let’s give one more for the road. Did you notice the NYT and other media outlets today are focusing on her deceitful promises to release her medical records, which she has not done?

Palin seems healthy, no real questions about that, which leaves reporters to guess the reason Palin hasn’t released her records. Perhaps it has to do with the internet rumor that helped give birth to her candidacy, which is that Palin gave birth to four, rather than five children. Not to pile on here, and not to dwell on internet rumours.

I have two points here: 1) what else can it be;  2) the larger point is that her campaign ends as it began, with questions about her last “pregnancy.” How pitiful. How small.  A national campaign and this candidate has done nothing to quell the initial doubts people had about her.  Not only has she not grown as a candidate; she has not grown as a human being.

The issue that really sticks on palin are such small, petty and despicable ones. pity. 

The smallness of her candidacy is highlighted by her latest speeches, mongering fear and appealing to a smallness of spirit that, thank goodness, we are seeing no longer exists in most americans.


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