Palin Gets Punked. Will We?


Sarah Palin spent seven minutes talking over her cell phone to French President Nicholas Sarkozy or so she thought. The voice on the other end belonged to Canadian radio jocks. Palin didn’t seem to notice that Sarkozy told her that he loved her in the new Palin documentary, “Nailin Palin,” a porno; that he wanted to go hunting with her from a helicopter, as long as she didn’t bring VP Cheney along, and that he could see Belgium from his front porch. 

She sounded genuinely disappointed to hear she was being punked.

If by some incredible misfortune on Tuesday, McCain-Palin were to win Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia and Colorado, we all will be punked because Sarah Palin will be the Vice President-elect. 

The numbers in Pennsylvania are making me nervous. Obama-Biden too. Biden will be spending an extra day in the state, and I just found out that Mary J. Blige, Diddy and Jay Z will be in Philly Monday to help rock the vote!!!!  

Obama has the ground game; McCain really has none and because at this juncture everything depends on turnout, I really cannot fathom a coherent argument that McCain wins, that is, unless democrats are just so stupid they do not vote.  And even that I cannot imagine. How can you not want to be part of this?


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