John McCain Seals Fate on SNL

Here’s what John McCain’s brain trust got wrong last night by having him appear on SNL. Once you satirize your own campaign as bereft and bankrupt, and your VP choice as “roguing” behind your back and conceding that this election is over but for the counting up votes, you cannot go back to the campaign trail and think your serious protestations about your opponent’s patriotism, socialism, terrorism, and so forth, can be taken seriously, and without a Palinesque wink and nod. It cannot. 

McCain not so much parodied his campaign last night as he made a parody of his campaign las night. Big difference. 

He not so much humanized himself as he etched himself into the american popular consciousness as an also-ran, a loser.

Sorry John, Joke was on you last night.


3 responses to “John McCain Seals Fate on SNL

  1. See, I totally agreed with you. He was funny as hell, hilarious even, I was laughing absolutely with him and not at him (as I was with Sarah Palin – that was painful) BUT the entire time I was thinking he wasn’t doing himself any favours, humanising himself yes, but openly undermining his campaign. I’m not sure he realised this at all.

  2. I disagree. It was self-deprecating humor and quite aptly pointed out how Obama is trying to buy the presidency, IMO.

  3. Obama buying the presidency–no difference betwen 2000, 2004, and 2008. Obama’s doing his campaign financing and spending the same way it’s been done for the past few campaigns, with one significant difference: Obama’s money comes from the people, an average of about $80 at a time, rather than hundreds of thousands at a time in money and services that corporations showered on the Bush campaigns.

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