Sarah Palin in 2012? Gimme a Break

Sarah Palin recently said she wasn’t on the national stage for naught. Today she said she thought the first amendment was in trouble if the media were allowed to criticize VP candidates for running negative political campaigns. First Amendment protects political candidates from media criticism? 

Ask Colin Powell, Ken Duberstein, Larry Eagleberger, George Will, Chris Buckley, David Brooks whether they think Sarah Palin deserves a spot in national politics for 2012.  They would run for the doors before considering the possibility of Sarah Palin leading their party into the 2010s.   Ask Geraldine Ferraro, Dan Quayle or Jack Kemp, John Edwards or Joe Lieberman whether being on the losing VP ticket earns you a spot at the head of the ticket next time around, and they’ll not so gladly share their experience.

The bottom line? There is absolutely no credible line of argument to suggest Sarah Palin gets out of this election with her political skin. Add to these arguments the polling of 59% of the american public who says she is not qualified to be VP, and the political scandal awaiting her in Alaska after November 4, and you get the picture that Sarah Palin is a flash in the pan mistake, a signifier of the final fiery implosion of the Reagan/Gingrich revolutions.


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