4 Days Out: Confidence and Caution

I get two messages today, four days before election day. First, it brings a smile to my face to see Obama going back on air in Arizona. He has narrowed the gap in Arizona and david Plouffe seems to think Obama has a chance in McCain’s home state. The symbolism of putting McCain back on his heels is obvious. The symbolism of finally going for the kill against this vicious red-meat republican campaign is the cause for my smile.

Now for the caution, although the polls show Obama with a narrow double digit lead in Pennsylvania, I just came from a Joe Biden rally in Newark, DE. All the volunteers had clipboards with sign up sheets to get volunteers to go to and around Philadelphia every day from now until Tuesday.  Buses are leaving every morning from UD as well as from the Biden HQ in Wilmington. The point here is that PA may be closer than we think; If you follow these resources to Philly that much is obvious. McCain cannot win if he doesn’t win PA. But if he squeaks by in PA, the election will be much closer than folks now think.  Bottom line, as Biden said today; it is all about turnout.


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