Passing the Torch: Clinton and Obama in Florida

I just saw a clip of Bill Clinton’s joint appearance in Florida with Barack Obama, and I saw something I didn’t see when he similarly appeared with John Kerry the week before the ’04 election. I saw the master clinton at the top of his game giving his closing argument for Obama. Clinton’s speech was coming from a place where few others come: experience.  Bill was there; he knows what it takes, and Obama has what it takes: philosophy, policy, ability to make decisions, and ability to see those decisions are executed. 

Beyond that, the speech conveyed the real feeling of a torch being passed from one democratic president to the next.  I felt it in the way Clinton’s voice brought the crowd along and to the way Obama sat on his stool looking at Clinton and nodding.  Barack’s body language told me he was no longer nervous about what Bill might say. They are finally on the same page.  Watching this was a real moment for me, and for all the crap Bill has put many of us through over the past many months, this finally seemed genuine and inspiring.



Worth the wait? Let’s see how Florida votes next Tuesday.


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