Obama Infomercial Sells Me On Pennsylvania

For the past several days I have been bothered by the fact that McCain seems to think he could win the state. The polls give Obama 9-11 point lead, and Rendell and Nutter have their organizations working around the clock for Barack. Still, altho the Pennsylvania weather forced McCain out of the rain yesterday, the Republican standard bearer keeps chuckling that he is going to win Pa. Seems he knows something i don;t know.  Obama is a terrorist, Muslim, Socialist commie, PLO (PLO!?) lover stuff is working in south philly. who knows. But no.  It’s just a political death chuckle.

Obama’s infomercial, where every second had his campaign’s intent embedded in it, highlighted colorado, missouri, ohio, new mexico, but no pennsylvania.

The message: Pennsylvania is safe. McCain knows nothing we don’t know, and simply has no where else to go…


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