You Know You’re Gonna Lose When…

A growing list of “you know it’s over when…”  storylines are makiing the rounds this weekend for the McCain campaign, not the least of which is today’s story that Sarah Palin’s hometown Anchorage Daily News just endorsed Barack Obama for President, and that John McCain’s local polling in Az and his Republican Arizona colleague in the Senate are saying he might well lose his home state.   And according to John Kyl in a recent interview of McCain;s chances,, “it it’s not John McCain, it’ll be another Arizonan, someday.”

As for the Alaska editorial, they give their guv some perfunctory cred for putting the state on the map, but then criticize McCain’s poor judgment and Obama’s steady leadership and bold ideas regarding the economic crisis.  The editorial makes special mention of the Powell endorsement of Obama, with a strong subtext, as Powell made clear, that McCain’s faulty judgment was highlighted in his selection of Palin.  As McCain said of Obama, the Anchorage Daily News is saying of Palin, “we can’t wish you luck, but we wish you well.”

And McCains future in Arizona politics is not much better.  The project New West poll in Arizona has McCain;s lead in his homestate down to 4 points, with Obama climbing fast. If McCain eeks out a win in Az, his win is not likely to help down ticket candidates in the states who see a democratic wave.

An unintended benefit of election day is that come November 4, Alerica probably “won’t have McCain and Palin to kick around anymore.”  John’ll give it up. sarah will try to comeback, but the real america has had enuf.


One response to “You Know You’re Gonna Lose When…

  1. When John McCain’s senate seat comes up for re-election the absolutely BEST person to beat him is Janet Napolitano!
    In Janet’s re-election as Governor of Arizona she received 68% of the vote, she appeals to Democrats, Republicans and most importantly Independents with high numbers here.

    Janet Napolitano is a great politician.

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