Bill Weld, Charles Fried tell Sarah Palin to Go Away

One of the funniest aspects of this campaign is that Sarah Palin thinks a McCain-Palin loss on November 4 launches her into consideration for president in 2012.  Just today, republicans Bill Weld and Charles Fried have joined the ranks of Republican expats who are not only endorsing Obama but saying quite publicly that  McCain’s choice of Palin disqualifies him from being president. 

Bill Weld was a maverick republican governor of Massachusetts during the early-mid 1990s. He reformed medicaid in the state and overhauled the state’s antiquated workers comp system. Weld was so popular he won re-election with 71% of the vote in 1994.  He was subsequently nominated by Bill Clinton to serve as Ambassador to Mexico and more recently in 2004 helped W Bush in his debate prep against John Kerry. My point here is that Bill Weld is a real maverick who was disgusted that John McCain, who he endorsed back in January, had named sarah palin to be a heartbeat away.

Similar story with Charles Fried, who was Solicitor general under Ronald Reagan.  Despite having previously endorsed McCain, he just couldn’t get himself to vote for a Mccain-Palin ticket, and endorsed Obama instead.

These are serious and accomplished Republicans whose personal bios have put “country first” throughout their careers.  

And their message here to Sarah Palin is simple and manifest: GET OFF THE STAGE. GO AWAY!


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