Ouch. McCain Agrees Western PA Voters Racist

gonna leave a mark.


The real problem for the McCain campaign here is not his senior moment, which is compelling. rather, it is the fact that McCain seems to want to say he agrees with Murtha, and thus disagrees with his own campaign’s insistence that Obama’s people are piling on western pennsylvanians.  It means McCain is cynically playing the race card and he knows he’s goin ta hell for it.

According to 538.com, this morning, McCain’s campaign has decided to play the race card (more than it has been, if possible), which means they think McCain’s only path to victory in Pennsylvania is to tell people in the western part of the state the obvious which is that Barack Obama’s skin pigmentation is darker than many people in western Pa., and then hope they see something wrong with that.

McCain’s decision to play the race card says a great deal about the candidate’s character and judgment. Mccain’s ability to play the race card while conceding it plays to racists, is simply dangerous.  It appeals to the worst impulses in America.  It also means that McCain;s exit from the presidential stage is going to be a messy one.


One response to “Ouch. McCain Agrees Western PA Voters Racist

  1. Thirteen days to go! Hopefully this @$$clown will retire from the Senate on Nov. 5th, citing his failing health or something.

    The really scary thing is he still may be one of the 10 most reasonable Republicans in the Senate.

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