Powell Endorsement a Meal Culpa of Sorts

It think it is terrific that Colin Powell just endorsed Barack Obama.  I think the timing is pretty close to perfect, because it will control the day’s news cycle two weeks before the election and should help Obama reverse the little bit of McCain momentum registering in the tracking polls.  Given Powell’s military chits, the endorsement should also help Obama in Virginia and North carolina.

But, Powell’s endorsement of Obama should not shield history’s sharp verdict that he helped defraud the American people into supporting an illegal war in Iraq.  Powell’s presentation before the United Nations February 6, 2003 gave President Bush the moral claim on war that he needed to help legitimize the invasion before a rightfully scared and wary global community.  Almost everything Powell told the world that fateful day turned out to be lies.

Powell’s endorsement of Obama must be read as a mea-culpa and continuing effort on his part to rehabilitate his scarred moral standing on the national and world stage.  It is my hope that general Powell does not serve in an Obama Administration.


One response to “Powell Endorsement a Meal Culpa of Sorts

  1. No surprise. About 98% of black people will be voting for Barack Obama. Yet, ironically they are the ones who are complaining about racism.

    Obama is no Bill Clinton. Clinton is a de-regualtor just like John McCain. Clinton was the one who introduced NAFTA, which McCain supports.

    Obama is more of a extreme leftist. $1 trillion in new spending, more government programs and interventions, sending welfare checks to 45% of the 95% of the people in his tax plan because 45% of those people don’t even get taxed.

    Politicians like Obama are such pimps. They promise to spend a trillion dollars on you, but they don’t tell you that they are using YOUR MONEY!

    Obama’s Black Liberation Theology is based on Marxism for black people, the foundations of Communism. Even Bill Ayers was an extreme leftist.

    Our economy is very important, McCain is better for our economy. I hope people get educated before they vote.

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