Republican Voter Fraud: 4 X and You’re Really Out

Greg Palast has written that the 2004 election was stolen from John Kerry by an extremely well organized and illegal voter suppression campaign originating in the Bush White House. The state in focus here was Ohio. In 2006, US Attorneys were instructed in many swing states to issue indictments on voter registration fraud. US Attorneys who failed to issue indictments were subsequently fired, an illegal act that subsequently cost Attorney General Gonzales his job.  The issue of condemning such organizations as ACORN for engaging in voter registration fraud is itself part of a pattern and practice of fraud, voter suppression fraud.

Thankfully, the Obama campaign just filed a request with AG Mukasey to get the special prosecutor to  investigate the pattern. In the meantime, here’s a couple preliminary conclusions:

1) McCain has borrowed Bush voter suppression techniques hook, line and sinker.

2) and more important, the McBush campaign’s eager adoption of these tactics should reopen investigation into palast’s claims regarding the 2004 election.

What it looks like from this pattern is that Republicans really did swindle their way into the WhiteHouse in both 2000 and 2004. They tried again in 06, and got caught by a few US Attorneys with a conscience. Herein lies the manifest failure of the McCain campaign.  John McCain has attempted–almost exactly–illegal practices that stopped working in 2006 and that subsequently led to several books not to mention the AG’s resignation. It shows: poor judgment, lousy execution, amoral sensibilities and a win at any cost mentality.  

I applaud the Obama campaign for being a step ahead here, but must say, it doesn’t take a genius to see Mccain’s move coming.  McCain pretty much announced as much during the Wed. debate. It was a telling moment that as he condemned ACORN, Obama seemed to break out laughing. Obama clearly knew what was up.


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