McCain’s Irrelevance Shows on Letterman

John McCain tried to dial back that ridiculous day a couple weeks ago when he skipped Letterman for the financial crisis, as if he really were president and needed to get back to DC, only to be found on the set of Katie Couric when Dave thought he should have been boarding his plane.

The political repercussions of Dave’s scathing response to McCain’s no-show helped etch in the public consciousness the idea that Mccain is all stunt no substance.

Last night’s make-up appearance didn’t change any of that. McCain apologized but then turned his Letterman turn into free tv ad time; insisting on the canard that Obama used to hang with terrorists and that Palin would be ready and prepared to handle 911.  Well, I guess if he told the truth he would have ruined any chance he thinks he still has.  

Instead of making John McCain hip again, last night’s appearance further etched in the public’s mind that he is a hack and increasingly a political anachronism.  Regrettably for him, his irrelevance finally caught up with him in one of his favorite venues: dave’s couch.


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