Palin’s next Job? Regis and Sarah?

Interviewed yesterday by Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin (and Rush) pretty much conceded that the race is over that that she will not be VP.   Here are the two give-a-ways.

First, Rush asked what she plans to do after the election. Pretty much self explanatory. 

Second, she told Rush she has nothing to lose at this point in the campaign. again, were she thinking she is the presumptive veep, she’d have plenty to lose and plenty to keep her on good behavior.

This tells me we’ll see some of the real Palin during the next couple weeks. No real vetting, no real management by the mcCain Staff. In a sense, she is auditioning for her next role. She thinks she will be seen as a credible candidate for president in four years. Dan Quayle thought the same thing.

Further, I do not think she will be welcome back in Alaska. She pretty much scorched her own reputation there by mishandling and lying about troopergate, the wasilla sports complex and the construction of her own home. She is no longer the clean new reformer in Juneau. She is as tained as ted stevens. Politics, I think is no longer an option.

So, where does that leave Sarah palin, with that wink and snarky way about her?  She’d be a great sidekick to Regis. Don’t you think?


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