Palin Used Office for Personal Gain, Again

Galling. Chutzpah. Running out of descriptive words to describe Sarah Palin’s behavior.  Found guilty of having abused her power, Palin thanks the investigators for clearing her of any and all ethical and legal violations.  Reporters suggest an abuse of power and she suggests they misread the report.   In a new article in Rolling Stone, reporter Wayne Barrett is uncovering a story that analogizes Palin’s behavior to the Ted Stevens scandal. This means that the entire premise of her having been selected by McCain was misplaced.  She is no reformer. She did not replace corrupt croneyism in Juneau. She merely displaced it, to herself. 

Apparently now, it is coming out that the contractors responsible for building wasilla’s sports complex also built the Palins’ home– for free. Looks like they padded the contract in Wasilla to include the costs of her half million dollar lakeside home. The first dude’s buddies who helped him build the home were actually deep pocketed contractors.

At some point all these stories become a disqualifier for office. By look at the polls, it looks like that point might have been reached. we shall soon see.    Thank goodness it should be over soon.


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