Troopergate Report: Palin Abuses Power as Governor!!

The Alaska bipartisan legislative council just signed off on report that says Sarah Palin broke state law and violated the public trust.   She violated the state’s Executive Branch Ethics Act

The Report says Palin unlawfully abused her authority as governor in firing Walt Monegan.  According to the Report, more than 19 phone calls as part of effort to pressure Monegan to fire Palin’s brother in law.  Many of them came from first dude Todd.  Apparently Palin gave her husband free access to state employees.  Clearly the Palins have trouble separating their personal and political lives.  She also misled the public in her public comments since being tapped as McCain’s running mate.   She could face censure or impeachment in Alaska following the election.

I guess there goes the Governor’s moral authority as an anti-Obama reformer


SEE:  Troopergate Report


One response to “Troopergate Report: Palin Abuses Power as Governor!!

  1. Do as I say, not as I do — the Republican ethos. So tired of this wink – wink, “I’m one of youins”
    And now the truth is out, as I suspected all along, she’s just another flash in the pan, smoke & mirrors corrupt and do anything-say anything typical POLITICIANS. She AIN’T no Maverick!! How’s that for some plain straight talk! McCain-Palin deserve to go down in flames, just like our country is doing after 8 years of Republican gross mismanagement.
    Impeach the bastards!

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