McCain takes Microphone from hate Spewing Supporter: Tactic over Conscience

John McCain’s campaign last evening once again lost its rationale for continuing.  First, the Alaska bipartisan investigatory council found his running mate had abused her authority as governor, thus dissolving their claim to be maverick reformers on a charge (from god) to clean up government. 

Second, McCain was forced by circumstance to sow what his campaign has reaped in terms of dangerous hate filled speech directed at Barack Obama. The McCain campaign decided it could no longer hope to win the campaign on the issues and so it switched itself to a search and destroy mission of the opponent.  This mission culminated yesterday in Bill Ayers television ads. The crowds got the message and have been calling for Obama’s head– literally. McCain had to finally disavow himself from his own campaign’s sole remaining strategy.  hence the box.

the reason for McCain’s taking the microphone from the elderly women in Minnesota who claimed Obama was an Arab? I think it had less to do with a sudden infusion of conscience and more to do with the fact that in the same state of Minnesota yesterday, Norm Coleman publicly disavowed his own negative politicking against al Franken and told McCain he wouldn’t campaign with him in the state. McCain was a drag on Coleman re-election bid. Keep in mind a Franken victory could also be the one that gives 60 seats to the democrats.  We’ll see if McCain switches gears again to remove its Ayers ads from tv and morphs a more positive campaign. I doubt it.  I think he took the microphone because he had no choice.  He was about to be publicly rebuked by his own party in the state.


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