Debate Results: McCain Time Warp

I was stuck in a traffic jam last night and heard most of the debate over the radio. All I saw on television were the last moments and then clips afterwards.  

From the perspective of the audio, last evening’s debate seemed low energy, even Mccain;s attacks on Obama seemed tepid and infirm. McCain almost sounded unconvinced of his own words as he seemed to drift off at the end of his thoughts.  Obama sounded steady and sure of himself and i thought he counterpunched very effectively.  He didn’t go out of his way to attack McCain, but didn;t ignore McCain’s shots and returned fire.

The radio also gave a certain time warp quality to the debate. McCain;s tax and spend rift is a direct rip off from the 1984 Reagan-Mondale race. Problem is, McCain is no Reagan.  He is older and angrier than Reagan ever was.  When I got home I saw the last few moments and McCain really did look like an old man looking for the refrigerator in the middle of the night.  A step here. A couple steps there. gotta find my chair.

The townhall forum merely highlighted the aesthetic differences between the two candidates that i would think Mccain would want to try to conceal.  The contrast between the two candidates was very clear.  Steady, calm eloquence versus grumpy and infirm.

And it seems from the polls that the voters are beginning to solidify their obvious choice.


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