John McCain on the Precipice

Not since the worst days of Spiro Agnew, and perhaps not even then, has a vice presidential candidate for president sunk so low as Sarah Palin in terms of inciting hatred against the opposing ticket.  By saying outright that Obama is palling around with terrorists, and is friendly with terrorists there is a short distance rhetorically to calling him a terrorist outright.  Palin is embarking on a tact against Barack Obama that is designed to demonize and dehumanize him. This makes Obama, or any recipient of such attacks, vulnerable to threats against safety.  why? Lots of unhinged people out there who believe what their leaders tell them and take McCain’s and Palin’s words quite literally. 

As dramatic as it sounds, this is what Palin and McCain are doing, and it is dangerous.  They are getting close to inviting violence in this heightened state of insecurity that plagues this country right now.  I say McCain because Palin is obviously doing this as part of some strategy devised by higher-ups.  The McCain Campaignis behind every thing she says at this point.  

It is one thing to tie Obama to some sordid figure whose crimes date back some forty years. It is another thing all together to label your opponent a terrorist.  Keep in mind Bill Ayers is irrelevant to the message McPalin are trying to convey.

 And today all this terrorist baiting is gaining steam.  Today at a McCain rally, someone in the audience sounded like they called Obama a terrorist.  McCain did nothing to disparage the comments (just as he did nothing to disparage the sexist comments against Hillary earlier in the campaign.  These comments are no coincidence. It is a concerted last ditch effort by McCain to win by politically killing his opponent. There is no place in civilized political society for this sort of bile.

Better to lose an election and retain some self respect and your reputation than potentially incite violence against your rival. Please Senator McCain, change your tact; campaign on the issues and let the voters decide.


2 responses to “John McCain on the Precipice

  1. What McCain and Palin hinting that Obama supports terrorism is not honorable. There is one thing to disagree with your opponent on how to run a country, there is another thing with this type of tactic. If McCain is about straight talk (which he isn’t or may have never been) and is about honor, then he should stop this line of rhetoric.
    If they keep insisting on this, then he has no business representing the United States in anything and doing a complete disservice to his military record. This path additional proof that McCain has lost his way. The McCain of 8 years ago, that ran against George Bush would hate the McCain of now (2008). Perhaps at 72 you don’t have any fresh ideals and you do not have a clue on how to make things better, perhaps at 72 McCain should retire completely. There is one thing to be a grumpy old man sitting on a porch spouting this nonsense, there is another when that grumpy old man is in a position of authority and power. It is straight from the playbook of the KKK to demonize the people you don’t like.

    To Quote: Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor.

  2. Oh, but maybe if we just keep asking nicely enough the hatemongers will realize the folly of their sinning ways, humbly apologize for fucking up the country beyond belief, propose elevating Dennis Kucinich to a position of absolute monarchy and start singing “We Are The World”.

    Please. Did we *really* ever expect anything else from this Republican party? McCain may have had integrity in 2000, but if he had kept that integrity past mid-2005 he never would’ve gotten anywhere near the nomination. Why should we have expected a guy whose campaign is being run by Rove-associated slanderers extraordinaire and the sleaziest of corporate lobbyists to campaign with honor and dignity?

    Fellas, this is not your father’s GOP. Let’s not sugarcoat that ugly reality by pretending their leaders are capable of a higher morality.

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