Blogging/Slogging the World

“Slogging and Blogging” is how jackie salit referred to what we do. It’s a combination of face to face and virtual organizing and politics, combined with blogging, social networking, tweet and everything else we do.

Yesterday, I had the pretty cool experience of participating in my first blogging panel at the Blogging the World, Performing the World Conference held in NYC. Since I was in Philadelphia at the time, I did it virtually with low budget (free) video conferencing.

Organized by Nancy Hanks from The Hankster, the panel addressed issues associated with innovating change with democratic media.  Justin from Donklephant was particualrly saavy in the ways that blogging can affect change. For me,  I’m less of an expert in the technology and more of a content guy. But I love to tweet and am getting obsessed with the blog.  

The question is why, and at the end of the day, so what? 

Well, as I see it, this new technology has allowed me to start building (i’m still new at this), relationships with folks around the country and planet, which would have never happened were it not for the blog. it is also evident, as a great number of people are documenting, that the blog has changed presidential politics forever. Citizen journalists are asking the questions that professionals haven’t asked for generations, and are getting answers that pros never got. They are also holding people in power accountable.

In other words, the blog is democratizing politics this year.  It is most effective when blogging is joined with slogging. This means, that face to face politicking and community building need be integrated in the virtual world. The Obama campaign has perfected this slog-blog integration in a way that is really quite amazing. We see it in voter registration, debate parties and neighborhood organizing.

Hopefully when this campaign is over, bloggers will continue to take it to the corporate media that is trying to prevent the democratization of the blogging world.  As Justin pointed out, the key for us is the struggle to ensure “net neutrality,” and prevent a two tier system on the internet superhighway. We need the same speed and access that corporate america has. we also need to protect the privacy of personal information which will safeguard this new generation of political organizers from falling prey to 21st century versions of cointelpro and the urban red squads.

a lot of work ahead.


yesterday sure was fun.


2 responses to “Blogging/Slogging the World

  1. Hello Robert, I was in the audience for the Blogging the World panel discussion – loved the conversation and hope to talk more with you and others about slogging and blogging to build relationships and community!

  2. Keep building a postitive, on-the-ground, independent movement!

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