What Bill Ayers Tells Us about John McCain (revised)

Today at a Colorado fundraiser, Sarah Palin accused Barack Obama of hanging out with terrorists.

“Our opponent, though, is someone who sees America, it seems, as being so imperfect — imperfect enough that he’s palling around with terrorists who would target their own country,” 

Her use of the word terrorist at this stage in the campaign of course is a not so coded attack on Obama’s name, race and plays on lingering false beliefs about Obama’s religious affiliation. Palin’s snarky comments suggest Barack is hanging out with “those People” way out there, those islamofascist terrorists that Rudy spoke about during his failed campaign.

Actually Palin was referring to the caucasion Bill Aires, professor of Education at the University of Illinois-Chicago.  As the NYTimes reports today, Obama had no affiliation with the terrorist Bill Ayers, whose “terroristic” activities occurred 39 years ago (Weather Underground) when Obama was eight years old.  Palin knows as much and should be held responsible for her misstatements.

Rather, Obama has had casual contact with Bill Ayers the educational reformer, whose much lauded work Obama supported, and was financed by Walter Annenberg, Republican stalwart, and onetime confident of President Richard Nixon.  

The real issue here is that Walter Annenberg has had more to do with the success of Bill Ayers the academic and reformer than Barack Obama ever did.  Had Palin a conscience, she’d attack Annenberg (not Obama) for having made his research and writing possible. 

But Palin cares not one whit for facts, as she showed during the VP debate, and has no curiosity about larger social truths, as she made abundantly clear in the Couric interviews.

So clearly, her attack on Obama is nothing more than the latest McCain talking point and is an opening salvo of the final month of her national ambition.

I happen to agree that Bill Ayers provides some rich fodder for political discussion during the next five weeks, but not for the reasons evoked in the press. There is nothing to Obama’s association with Bill Ayers, as if there is any real problem if they really were pals.  so what. 

here’s the salience of Bill Ayers to the 08 campaign. It brings us back to a reexamination of McCain’s wrongheaded and irrational thoughts about the Vietnam War.

The Bill Ayers of forty years ago had his counterpoint in John McCain.  In the midst of a violent period domestically in the US when the US was engaged in a war that many believe should never have been fought, McCain supported it and Ayers opposed it.  McCain took up arms in support of the war effort, as tens of thousands of soldiers did.  Ayers took up arms as well, a highly controversial and unpopular move in the anti war movement. I am not suggesting a moral equivalence here between ayers and McCain, although I am suggesting these two figures represent polar extremes present in the cultural torment of the 1960s.

Ayers long go left behind his Weather Underground past.  I don’t think McCain ever left Vietnam.  John McCain’s current candidacy is rooted in milking his Vietnam legend.  And for sure, McCain’s Vietnam experience informs his position on Iraq, Iran, even Russia and Spain.  Regrettably, his psychic wounds likely left him with dangerous lessons that he would apply were he elected president. 

The lessons:

1) McCain thinks Vietnam was winnable. A near consensus of scholars and historians disagree.

2) War opponents are unamerican; potential terrorists; and to be considered the enemy.

That is why Bill Ayers casts such a large shadow over McCain. He remains a very current enemy to John McCain.  To John McCain Barack Obama= Bill Ayers. 

To understand this consider that the real cause of Mccain’s wounds over Vietnam involve his relationship with his dad. His father, who was commander of the pacific forces during Vietnam, ordered the bombing of Vietnam and Cambodia and was widely discredited for his actions and held as one person responsible for “losing Vietnam.”   McCain never forgets what war opponents (Ayers included) did to his dad.  In his mind they ruined him.

Does this oedipal story sound familiar?  Dubya & Papa 41?  The Ayers saga reminds us that if John McCain is elected president, the presidency once again could become a therapist couch used to work out unresolved feeling about how the country mistreated John McCain II.


So, Bill Ayers offers a lot more than a cheap, unfounded way to attack Barack Obama. I think he helps open the door into some scary secrets of John McCain’s mental torment and anguish. yikes!


3 responses to “What Bill Ayers Tells Us about John McCain (revised)

  1. You’re not going to score any points by calling American pilots terrorists. That sort of rhetoric only plays into the far right’s hands.

  2. You are a complete idiot if you can draw a parallel between the U.S. Soldier that was McCain, and a radical “activist” like Bill Ayers.

    Again, complete idiot for thinking Bill Ayers was no terrorist. HE BOMBED THE U.S. !!! When Bin Laden does it– terrorist, when the ‘savior’ Obama’s friend, Ayers, bombs the U.S.–what? not a terrorist?

    Also, complete idiot for not making Obama accountable for the people he chooses to start businesses with, run foundations with, be mentored by, befriends… after all, your mother and father would have been sooo proud of your associations with the local drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes and violent gangs. What? Your parents wouldn’t have wanted you to hang out with such people? But I bet they wouldn’t have minded if your President fellowshipped with such…

    Can I call you an idiot one more time? Of course I can, well, because you put this little leave a comment box here underneath the lunacy you wrote. Idiot because you take the word of a man who has done nothing short of a miracle in his climb to power while managing to do NOTHING in career. Look into the numbers of so-called uninsured he plans to insure with MY tax money, the ILLEGALS he plans to insure. Look into the amount of money he plans to spend and how much the Feds “generate” and you will see a stark difference in the two numbers. How do you plan to make that difference up without raising taxes?

    Idiot because he plans to tax big oil on their profits, but truly idiotic because OIL IS A COMMODITY!!! Which means it could only be taxed if produced domestically! So why not run oil production completely out of this country so we can give all of our money for energy to foreign governments.

    Idiot because he plans to give “tax-breaks” to Americans who don’t even PAY taxes.

    Idiot because his Chief Economic Advisor (understand the definitions of the words of that title right?) is the very same man who made 8 figures in six years off of Fannie Mae, put the very policies that got our country off track financially (the policy of strong-arming banks into ‘sub-prime’ lending by calling equal housing) into the hands of a man who knows how to keep the rich, rich, and the poor, ‘hoping’ to be rich.

    Why would you want to work hard to accomplish anything in life in America if you are going to be punished by higher taxes and class warfare when you finally accomplish success?

    Idiot because the man Obama picks as his running mate is the same man who voted for the war ( Remember, ONLY CONGRESS CAN DECLARE WAR), is the same man who said The Presidency is not the kind of job you want someone learning on the job, because Joe Biden has more tenure in Government than does McCain, but Obama is interested in change?

    Oh by the way, Obama was the ONLY Congressman to vote against the Born Alive Act, which was to provide emergency assistance to infants born alive to botched abortions. If someone was to not give healthcare to an adult dying, the same lib would be ready to fry that individual and claim ‘everyone deserves healthcare’. Apparently everyone except defenseless infants.

    Idiot because first he’s against Off Shore drilling and Nuclear Power, now he’s for it.

    Idiot because first he’s against the Surge in Iraq, now it’s partly because of him it worked.

    Idiot because he would disrespect the sovreignty of a foreign nation like Pakistan to “go after” the bad guys, but calls Iran a small little country that can’t harm the U.S. (oh by the way, Pakistan has Nukes, Iran doesn’t.. yet)

    Now, being an idiot doesn’t make you useless. Go and check into all the things I’ve said. Go and check into Obama’s past. Ask yourself what kind of precedent we are setting when we allow such a prestigious job like President so easily be attained by those with questionable pasts.

  3. So I guess you are saying that John McCain DELIBERATELY bombed innocent Americans, and while knowingly illegal, decided not to repent, but to continue to propagate hatred and violence? No? So, you are saying that because my father did answer the call of duty given to him not only by the man called President during the Vietnam era, but the call of duty laid out before every grateful American Soldier in our Great Constitution, that my father was a terrorist? That the man who raised me to use my manners, respect my elders, work hard, be grateful, believe in God, be philanthropic, generous, was actually a terrorist in disguise because the Military was actually serving a dual role? That of provider of the Family that was my fathers, and Protecting the Liberties our Forefathers worked hard to guarantee. It is incredulous to think a man following orders in the military is thought to be of the same ilk as a terrorist against America, but a man CLOSELY and INTIMATELY associated with a terrorist might only MILDLY be afflicted with the same ‘temporary, irrational’ train of thought or mind-set.

    You libs are amazing. You are ungrateful, lazy, elitist, and hypocritical. You blame everyone for the problem except yourselves. You take no culpability for any of the real problems you cause, and take all the credit for all the solutions you didn’t come up with.

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