The Morning After Palin: Same Old Story

After sleeping on the debate with dreams about Fargo, I woke up with three points on my mind about Palins performance in the debate last evening.

First is her her continued insistence on deregulation which sounded much more compelling than her weak defense of regulating wall street.

Second is the near total absence of policy alternatives to the Bush Administration

Third is her request, quite boldly, for expanded powers for the vice presidency.


Put these things together and you have more of the same, a scary mix of power, deregulation and privatization and unaccountability in terms of policy.  More power to the State, which means less accountability while handing power off to the market  are the things naomi Klein writes about in Shock Doctrine.   The credit collapse of last week should have shown us the death of neoliberalism. Palin seems stuck in the past, which sure isn;t the change we need.


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